The Van Conversion

Shane is an adventurer at heart; when he’s not hanging off the end of an ice axe, or paragliding through the skies, he travels with an ardent fervour. 
His vanventures began in North America many moons ago, where he endlessly explored the mountains, rivers, and deserts with a minivan. Since then it’s been an obsession.​

On returning home to Ireland, Shane promptly quit his corporate job as an engineer and moved into his van ‘beans’ full-time. Adventure was now the full-time job! The first mission was a memorable expedition from Spain to Svalbard (pretty much the North Pole). Shane now lives in Chamonix, France, where he dwells part-time in his van, part-time in the mountains.​

For the last few years Shane has been teaching others how to convert their vans into beautiful campervans through his website; it’s his passion (and livelihood).

Under his tuition, hundreds of beautiful campervans have been built. And with this book, hopefully many more to come.

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