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unfinished maple
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This elegant and sturdy Galley is a beautiful solution for a passenger side unit intended to sit above your step. This galley ships pre-assembled and ready to install. 

  • Cabinet Constructed in material of choice with a beautiful prefinished carbonized bamboo slab.

  • Fits Isotherm drawer refrigerator with option of pre-installation

  • NanoTec black coated sink with extra long 52" detachable head that can be used as sink faucet or shower nozzle

  • Hinged door for lower sink access with pullout drawer above refrigerator

  • Soft Close Hinges and slides with adjustable height, angle, and depth

  • Ready to fit/enclose your water system

  • Black adjustable pushbutton latches are preinstalled 

  • Unfinished or Pre-Finished Maple
  • Amber Bamboo Slab - 3/4" 3-ply with a satin finish
  • Prefinished with a satin hardened urethane seal
  • Back is prefinished and can be exposed to outside slider
  • Special Request - We can paint your galley for an additional cost

    Please refer to our materials page here to see images and details of each option: Materials
  • Galley Cabinet
  • NanoTec Sink - Please note: Plumbing is not included/completed on the sink, it will be drop-in only.  Sink cutout will be made for you and a matching slab insert is included as a lid.  The sink does not come with strainer.
  • Installation Hardware
  • If selected - Isotherm DR65 or Isotherm DR85
  • Cabinet: 40" Wide x 22.75" Deep x 35.75" Tall 
  • Weight: 65-80lbs without refrigerator

Our Galleys are designed to fit your walls with screws or with Rivet Nuts.

Installation Difficulty: Easy | 2 people
Installation Time: 30 minutes
Tools Needed: Power Drill, Rivet Nut Tool

  • How do I install the galley?

Mounting to the wall: Our galleys are designed to mount to the wall of the vehicle. You can measure and mark a section of solid wall truss/beam behind the cabinet to approximate before shooting a screw or rivet nut into the wall. We recommend a minimum of three rivet nuts or 5 self-tapping screws to hold the galley in place.

Mounting the sink: Make sure to properly install the sink using the hardware provided with the sink. It is never wise to simply drop in a sink with no mounting brackets or silicone seal around the edges of the sink.

Installing a refrigerator: It is required to cut inlet and outlet ventilation holes for the unit to cool down with posing a fire risk. Refer to your refrigerator unit manual to learn more on air flow direction and ventilation requirements. 

Seal the butcher block: This is commonly done using mineral oil, butcher block oil, or food-grade finish. This butcher block arrives unfinished, so make sure to seal it before use. 


  • How do I know if the galley will fit my vehicle?

These galleys are designed to take up the space right behind the driver seat in most vehicles. This unit may also be placed elsewhere in the vehicle.

For Promaster Models: The galleys are designed to have an angled cutout in the back of the cabinet to clear the dropped floor and allow the unit to sit flush against the wall. The Promaster models also have a structural pillar in the cargo section of the vehicle that will prevent the galley from being flush with the wall if mounting to the pillar. Because of this, we recommend mounting galleys to the left or right of the structural pillars. 


  • How do I apply, paint, stain, or sealer?


- Lightly scuff the entire surface of the cabinet that you plan on coating with 120-180 grit sandpaper.
- Apply 2-3 coats of primer prior to applying your main coat.
- Always apply a finish when you're happy with the paint to get a long lasting appearance.


    - Sand the surface on all faces with sandpaper traveling with the grain of the wood.
    - Apply stain very cautiously to a section of the cabinet that will not be visible to gage the volume and pressure you need to achieve the look you want.
    - Apply stain evenly with a rag, sponge, or spray gun until all surfaces are coated.
    - Please note that overlapping surfaces may make the stain darker on the overlapped areas.
    - Always apply a finish when you're happy with the stain to get a long lasting appearance.

    For Butcher Blocks and Slabs

    For most units, there are phillips head screws holding the butcher block to the cabinet base that will need to be removed.

    If staining, sand the butcher block thoroughly with 120-180 grit sandpaper. 
    - Apply a sample on the underside of the butcher block to find a volume and pressure that achieves the color you'd like.
    - Apply stain evenly with a rag, sponge, or spray gun until all surfaces are coated.
    - Please note that overlapping surfaces may make the stain darker on the overlapped areas.
    - Always apply a food-grade finish when you're happy with the stain to get a long lasting appearance.

    If sealing with oil or wax, make sure the oil or wax is food grade and apply evenly with a soft rag or sponge. 
    - Allow to dry and re-coat one or two more times.


    • What power intake does the refrigerator take?

    The dometic line of refrigerators we use accept 100-240V AC and 12V/24V DC


    • What sink drain does the sink accept?

    The NanoTec sink accepts more universal 3.5" drains.  We recommend purchasing one with a strainer.

    Order Changes

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    Orders with smaller items weighing less than 100lbs ship via UPS, FEDEX, or USPS. 


    Any orders with items weighing over 100lbs or larger than 72" in any direction must be shipped on a pallet. Update: Shipping is free!

    Each pallet is insured with liftgate service + residential charge applied. If you have a commercial address with a forklift, please state it in order notes for quicker delivery.

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