Wall Panel Kit - Sprinter 170 - Upholstered

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Cover the factory interior of your Mercedes Sprinter 170 High Roof with this beautiful upholstered wall panel kit. With plenty of material options, you're able to make your van conversion fit your style! 

Please see FAQ regarding window cutouts to see available options.  If a specific cutout is needed, enter this information in the notes section at checkout. 

EXT Models: Please reach out to us! We can make upon request!

  • Panels are cut to size and pre-drilled for easy mounting onto factory holes in your vehicle

  • If keeping factory foam headliner blocks, your blocks (or wall panels) will need to be trimmed for a flush fit

  • Holes are added at the center of the panels to prevent vibration that do not coincide with factory holes. This will require drilling and rivet-nuts for proper fitment

  • Not all vans come off the factory line identical. Expect a handful of rivet nuts to be a few millimeters off-course. These need to be widened out with the drill bit or burring bit for the screws to align properly

  • Factory Window cutouts are cutouts wider than opening, where no spacers are required

  • Driver forward window is large factory window behind driver seat

  • Upholstered paneling features acoustic + thermal insulating landau foam with low water absorption below marathon tweed

  • All 1/4'-20 stainless steel machine screws + washers with zinc coated steep rivet nuts with option of black oxide hardware.

DIY Upholstery

The DIY upholstery kit is designed for you to apply your own upholstery to your wall panel kit. 

  • Base material is upholstery-grade meranti
  • Landau foam liner is moisture resistant, sound deadening, and has excellent thermal insulating properties.
  • Comes with fabric, foam liner, and adhesive, and a punch. 
  • Easy to upholster, beautiful finish


The Preupholstery kit will arrive to your door already upholstered!  No extra work on your end needed!