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Exploring the Shower Options for Your Van Conversion


Exploring the Shower Options for Your Van Conversion


Exploring the Shower Options for Your Van Conversion


Are you embarking on the exciting journey of converting a van into your dream mobile home? If so, one of the key considerations is how to integrate a shower into your compact living space. While space may be limited, several innovative options are still available to ensure you can stay clean and refreshed on the road. Let's dive into the world of van conversion showers and explore the different types you can install:

Traditional Indoor Shower: This option involves dedicating a section of your van's interior to a shower stall. While it may take up more space, it offers the convenience of a typical home shower experience. You can opt for a prefabricated shower kit or a custom-built one to fit your van's dimensions. This setup typically includes a waterproof enclosure, a drain system, and a water supply connected to a water tank or external source. This generally is the most expensive shower option requiring a high trim carpentry level. However, portable and easy-to-hide showers such as the Folding Shower are also options.

Wet Bath/Shower Combo: A wet bath combines the shower area with the toilet space, maximizing functionality in a compact footprint. This setup saves space by allowing the shower water to drain directly into the same area used for toiletry needs. It's popular for van dwellers looking to optimize space without sacrificing essential amenities.

Portable Shower Bag or Pump System: If space is at a premium or you prefer a more straightforward solution, a portable shower bag or pump system might be the way to go. These systems typically consist of a collapsible water bag that can be filled and hung outside the van, a portable showerhead, and a pump to create water pressure. While they offer convenience and require minimal installation, they may not provide the same comfort level as a built-in shower.

Outdoor Shower Setup: Embrace the freedom of outdoor living by installing an outdoor shower setup on your van. This option allows you to connect a showerhead to an external water source, such as a hose or portable tank, and enjoy the experience of showering under the open sky. It's perfect for adventurers who relish rinsing off in nature after a day of exploration. We regularly use the Rinse Kit for this as it’s an easy-to-use and long-lasting system. 

DIY Bucket Shower: Consider a DIY bucket shower for the ultimate minimalist approach. Simply fill a large bucket with water, attach a showerhead or hose, and hang it from a convenient location outside your van. While it may lack the sophistication of other options, it gets the job done and requires minimal investment.

When choosing the correct shower setup for your van conversion, consider available space, water usage, convenience, and personal preferences. Remember to prioritize water conservation and sustainability, especially when living off-grid or remote locations. With the right shower solution, you can enjoy the comforts of home while exploring the open road in your custom van conversion. Happy showering and happy building!

By Courtney Butcher
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