For Upfitters

Make your builds better, faster, and easier.

Join the growing network of professional builders and installers using Serg Supply kits and cabinetry. Reduce your lead times by months by avoiding any carpentry work during your builds. All cabinetry and paneling kits are ready to install using a robust method.

Save Money | Save Time | Save Headache
Our kits are made for the easiest possible installation on the market. With a rapid turnaround time for installer orders and direct access to our resources, we've made it easier than ever to cut your cabinetry & kit installs from months to weeks.
Long Term Perks
Your cabinetry will arrive with your logo engraved for customers to share for years to come. Logo placement and size will depend on your preference.
Materials and Styles
Builders will be offered the ability to have the cabinetry customized to fit their needs and unlock styles and options such as Shaker Style doors, inset doors, dimension modification, unique appliance fitting, and much more. Material options expand from 7 material/color choices to 30+ for walls, ceiling, and cabinetry.
Wholesale Price
Builders can receive up to a 10% discount on cabinetry and kits. Accessories and appliances do not apply and will not receive discounts.
Ready to Assemble Options
Builders who want to save on shipping and avoid palletized orders can opt for disassembled and ready to assembly cabinetry with all hardware included and detailed PDF assembly guides.
Please allow a few days for our team to review your builder application! We will get back to you ASAP.