100% Insured

We've got you covered.

Every order that leaves our facility is 100% insured against damage incurred during transportation. A pallet becomes uninsurable if you do not follow the inspection procedure below.

Make Sure You're Covered.

Pallet Inspection

BEFORE ACCEPTING, look over the following items on your pallet. If ANY of the items are not perfectly intact, NOTATE DAMAGE with as much detail as possible and accept the pallet.

Failing to notate damage will void all shipping coverage through Serg Supply.

Shrink Wrap Intact
Rigid Frame Intact
Pallet Cover Intact
Straps Tight and Intact

Notating Properly

See Damage?

If you notice any damage to your pallet, follow the steps below to make sure we can cover this pallet. Please note that this pallet can not be insured regardless of physical condition if you do not properly notate and describe damage before receiving the order.

  1. Politely ask your driver to stay a few minutes for you to perform your inspection.
  2. Take as many photos of the pallet as you can.
  3. Notate Damage with details on receiving documents.
  4. Accept the pallet, regardless of condition.

Electronic Notation: Some drivers have electronic systems. Do not sign for the pallet until you ask to make a notation of the observed damage. Put as much detail as you can in this notation.

Paper Notation: Some drivers have paper receiving documents. Do not sign for the pallet until you ask to make a notation of the observed damage. There is usually a large section labeled "Notes" or "TND" for this. Put as much detail as you can in this notation.

What's Next: Reach out to us directly at Office@sergsupply.com. We will replace 100% of the damaged contents and handle the claim on your behalf if the damage was properly notated.

Be smart, be safe

Unpacking your order

In order to avoid injury to yourself or damage to the product, folllow the steps below.

  1. Have the pallet dropped in an open space with plenty of room to move around.
  2. Designate an area to store the waste to take for recycling.
  3. Use a safety blade or box cutter to remove the cardboard lid + shrink wrap.
  4. Carefully

Shipping Policy


This policy is put in place to provide protection for the buyer, seller, and carrier when orders are large enough to be shipped through an LTL (less than truckload) service.


Shipping is covered by us in nearly all cases with the exception of limited access or other fees associated with your location being added to the waybill. Shipping is not free to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada/Mexico. While we cover most of the shipping cost, any additional charges or tariff/customs fees will be billed. 


Insurance coverage is paid for on each shipment. For an insurance claim to be filed, customer must photograph damages before and after unpacking the pallet from all angles. These photos along with a detailed damage report will be vital in filing a claim. If a claim can be successfully submitted, Serg Supply will begin to reproduce the damaged items to be shipped back to the customer. Replaced items will fall within the current lead time for delivery.


Shipping is free with all Serg-Supply manufactured products. We do not require any collections on day of delivery. 


Serg Supply is responsible for packaging products in a matter than can withstand the rigors of shipping. This packaging must include corner padding, foam padding, plastic wrapping, warning labels, and pallet straps.


Delivery through UPS, USPS, or FEDEX

Shipping through standard carriers will mean the package falls within their operating policy. If an order has not yet arrived, delayed, or needs an address change, carriers will not allow us to make changes or adjustments. When selecting shipping through UPS in particular, expect an additional 2-3 days of transit time as we've seen their shipping times are generally not accurate and often delayed. 

Shipping is packaged more carefully for standard carriers than LTL, but damage is not uncommon. Please photograph the entire package on all sides before and after opening. Shipping damage claims through UPS are generally strict and unsuccessful. They typically will not cover damages on your order unless detailed documentation of your package is recorded before and after opening.

Delivery Time through LTL

Serg Supply is not responsible for any shipping delays. Shipping is handled entirely by the shipping carrier. Serg Supply will be responsible for assisting in delivery if coordination is required, but does not have access to drivers, dispatch, or terminals. Most deliveries in the US fall within a 5-7 day window, but weather embargos, driver shortages, and congestion may effect the delivery date. Please note that Serg Supply has all orders to be scheduled for delivery with the carrier. The customer is responsible for scheduling this appointment once they are contacted by the carrier. If the customer schedules a non-immediate delivery ( example: scheduling a delivery for two weeks from your contact date), then the customer will be charged a hold fee by the carrier. 

We ask that customers put off vacation plans or going out of town once your order begins production. That way your delivery will go more smoothly. If you are unable to have an individual be present for the delivery, we can hold your order at our facility for a fee. 

Rejected Pallets

Rejected pallets incur a daily storage charge that will be billed to your card on file. If your pallet is damaged, notate and document damage thoroughly and accept the pallet regardless of condition.