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Promaster 159 Van Ceiling Kit

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Revolutionize your van conversion with our Promaster Van Ceiling Kit – the essential choice for van life enthusiasts and DIY builders. Crafted with precision, this kit ensures seamless integration into your Ram Promaster, extending to within 1/2" of your factory wall edge. Installation is a breeze with features like 3/4" furring strips and 1-1/4" finish screws, coupled with thoughtful design elements like front and rear cover panels for easy drill access.

Illuminate your mobile haven with the included Dual Row Puck lights, strategically placed for optimal lighting, while ventilation-ready fan cutouts cater to most air-conditioner sizes. Our kit combines aesthetics with functionality effortlessly, enhancing your van's visual appeal and practicality. Elevate your van life experience where precision engineering meets easy installation, creating a stylish, comfortable space on wheels. For EXT Models, customization is at your fingertips – reach out to us and tailor your kit to suit your needs. Embark confidently on your van life journey, choosing the Promaster Van Ceiling Kit for a frustration-free van conversion experience.

Our Promaster ceiling kit pairs perfectly with our Promaster wall panel kit and flooring kit. Get the full bundle and save time converting your van today! 

  • Precision Fit: Our Promaster Van Ceiling Kit extends to within 1/2" (12mm) of your factory wall edge, wrapping around factory beams for a seamless integration that enhances the overall look of your van.
  • Easy Installation: The kit requires 3/4" furring strips fastened to factory beams using rivet-nuts, ensuring a secure fit. Panels are effortlessly attached to furring strips with 1-1/4" finish screws, making the installation process accessible for van builders of all levels.
  • Clever Design: Cover panels in the front and rear aid in holding panel spacing, with a widened front cover panel for easier drill access to holes above the factory cockpit shelf. Union panels on the backside ensure a consistent 1/8" gap between panels, creating a polished and professional appearance.
  • Illuminate Your Space: Dual Row Puck lights come standard with this kit, offering ample lighting for your van life adventures. 12 Pucks are included, but remember that fan cutout positions may affect the count and position.
  • Ventilation Ready: Fan cutouts are designed to accommodate most air-conditioner cutouts with a profile close to the standard 14" x 14" size, ensuring proper ventilation for a comfortable living space.
  • Prefinished Maple
  • Prefinished Birch
  • Unfinished Maple
  • Prefinished Amber Bamboo

 Please refer to our materials page here to see images and details of each option: Materials

  • Ceiling Panels
  • Rivet Nuts
  • Threaded Screws and Washers
  • Proper Drill Bit
  • Instructions
  • Dual Row Light Pucks (12VLED) - AC-to-12VDC adapter.
  • Material: 1/2" Plywood
  • Weight: 40-60 lbs
  • Width of Panels: Panels range from 6 1/8" to 6 1/4"
  • Puck light holes: 2.125" Bore

    Each kit has detailed directions on installing your ceiling kit. These kits are designed to fit your ceiling by screwing to furring strips held onto your ceiling with Rivet Nuts.

    Installation Difficulty: Medium | 2 people

    Installation Time: 4-6 Hours

    Tools Needed: Power Drill, Rivet Nut Tool

    • How does the ceiling kit mount?

    All Ram Promaster kits are designed to fit using furring strips. The furring strip is mounted to overhead beams using rivet nuts on factory holes, and the ceiling panels are fastened to the furring strip using wood screws. The outer rows are cut to match the odd curvature of the overhead trusses in your Promaster.

    • How does the ceiling kit mount?

    All Ram Promaster kits are designed to fit using furring strips. The furring strip is mounted to overhead beams using rivet nuts on factory holes, and the ceiling panels are fastened to the furring strip using wood screws. The outer rows are cut to match the odd curvature of the overhead trusses in your Promaster.

    • How do I apply stain, finish, or sealer?


    • Lightly scuff the entire surface of the product that you plan on coating with 120-180 grit sandpaper.
    • Apply 2-3 coats of primer before applying your main coat.
    • Always apply a finish when you're happy with the paint for a long-lasting appearance.


    • Sand the surface on all faces with sandpaper traveling with the grain of the wood.
    • Apply stain very cautiously to a section of the product that will not be visible to gauge the volume and pressure you need to achieve the desired look.
    • Apply the stain evenly with a rag, sponge, or spray gun until all surfaces are coated.
    • Please note that overlapping surfaces may make the stain darker on the overlapped areas.
    • Always apply a finish when you're happy with the stain for a long-lasting appearance.
    • Fan Cutouts, A/C Cutouts, and other cuts are not standard. Please see custom options for more information.
    • Have a Promaster 136 or 159 EXT? No need to worry - we have this kit for those models available upon request. 
    • We can not guarantee consistency in grain or pattern in natural wood colors as they are made from real wood veneer, and sometimes nature is inconsistent.
    • 1/2" Plywood panels are plywood with veneer laminate, and because of this, the grain will be visible on the sides between gaps. Panels are not edge banded as more temperate climates may cause the adhesive to melt and the banding to peel. For this reason, raw wood is visible on the sides of the panels.
    • Dual Row of lights are included and AC-to-12VDC adapter.
    • This kit ships in packaged boxes for single-item orders or on a pallet for larger combined orders. 
    • We are not responsible for damages caused by modification of our panels for your custom additions.
    • If a panel is damaged, we won't make you purchase a new kit. Let us know which panel, and we can ship a replacement!

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