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Build Your Own Conversion Van and Live the Adventure

Van Conversion Ideas

Build Your Own Conversion Van and Live the Adventure

Build Your Own Conversion Van and Live the Adventure

Today they are the rage... and growing.

Conversion vans, in one shape or another, have been around for a long, long time. Not decades, but centuries. Yes, believe it or not, the first "camper" mobile coaches were drawn by horses.  So the daring and free life in a tight and mobile space while on the move isn't new. But it has taken a new turn.

Changes in the modern social mindset, ignited by the world-wide pandemic, personal and national debt, and dissatisfaction with the traditional American dream have spawned a generation of thrill-seekers and freedom junkies, anxious to break away from the confines of a 9-5 job and mortgage. 

They are the legion of conversion van enthusiasts, and they are increasing in number every day. 

Perhaps you have wondered what it would be like to spend a weekend, a week, a month, even a year... on the road, in your own secluded but secure space, away from the rat race and the mad rush of society. Camping at lakeside, dining in quant roadside delicatessens, exploring new areas and experiencing new vibes, all amazingly and unbelievably free. 

This is the life in a conversion van. Which you can do!

It takes some money and it takes some work, no doubt. But what worthwhile pursuit doesn't?

We at Serg Supply live to make this dream of yours a reality. Not just something you wonder about, but something you actually do. And we make it simple for you.

We have a full line of custom-built, high quality cabinets and accessories for any conversion van: Sprinter, ProMaster, Transit, and more. Whether you need a vanity for a sink, upper and lower cabinets for storage, wall paneling to cover the sides, wheel well boxes, sub floor or ceiling panels, or a bench seat ottoman, we can provide it. We can even build out custom applications for important components such as beds. 


Each component comes with detailed instructions (which can also be accessed via your cell phone) to ensure the assembly and installation is as seamless as possible. 

All products are manufactured to extreme tolerances, built with the best materials, and quality-checked before being shipped out.  

You want some adventure? Of course you do. NOW is the time to make this happen! Come see Serg Supply and find out all we can do for you to turn your ideas of freedom in the outdoors into your tomorrow. 

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By RS Kniep
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