DIY Van Conversions Made Easy (or at least easier)

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DIY Van Conversions Made Easy (or at least easier)


DIY Van Conversions Made Easy (or at least easier)


Many van enthusiasts are opting to go the DIY (do it yourself) route, and for good reason: DIY van conversions are a super cost effective way to build out a van... the professional versions can be shockingly expensive! If you're planning on doing the conversion yourself, first off, we'd like to congratulate you - it takes someone with ambition, some serious construction skills and - just as important - a healthy amount of patience, to complete a well-done DIY van.  

Very few DIY type projects of any type are easy (think "bathroom remodel" or "transmission change"). Not exactly a walk in the park. However, to save considerable money and have the confidence the job was performed properly, a lot of folks are willing to take the time and work through it themselves. And, with the magic of YouTube, what can't be done in your garage nowadays???

Serg Supply is a big advocate of DIYers. That's why we build DIY van conversion kits and send them to van builders everywhere in America. We love seeing enthusiasts, of all kinds, tackle the tough jobs on their own. We are here to make life a little easier (and less expensive) on all the adventurous trail blazers, and have geared our entire operation around just that. Our products are living proof!

We not only design with the absolute most simple installation possible, but manufacture to extreme specifications. The wall panel kits, for example, have exact hole locations, designed per model, for the easiest application. Our van techs, the actual guys who put these panels on real vans, have gone a step further to create a graphic of exactly how the panels look, where the holes are, and the steps to install them with fasteners (also included). 

Wall Panel Kit

The whole idea? Make it as easy and straightforward as humanly possible to give the DIYer the best experience in performing his or her own work. 

Whether it's a ceiling kitwall kit, upper cabinet, or other component of your DIY van conversions, second only to the quality of construction stands the ease of installation... because like money, DIYers have limited time. And easier installs means less time.

You wish to build out your own van project? Good for you. Shoot us an email and let us know what you are looking for. We can provide you with most of what you will need, and if not, we'll send you to where you can get it. 

By RS Kniep
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